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During my travels in Australia, I wrote several articles about specific experiences. Originally I had planned to write many more but it became less of a priority as the year progressed. The first article is a photo essay hosted on this site while the next several were published in the Nature Photographer's Network monthly online magazine. Links can be found below for those articles.

Cape York Photo Essay - Click HERE

The Cape York Peninsula ends at Australia's most northern point and it is quite a journey to get there. This was my first taste at true off-road driving and a great taste of the tropics.

NPN Article: An Introduction - Click HERE

This article is a basic introduction to my trip and the article series I had planned to write.

NPN Article: Wollongong Pelagic Trip - Click HERE

This trip was my first taste of seabirding and it hooked me from the first hour on. It was the first of four pelagic trips I made during my stay in Australia.

NPN Article: Rainforest Frustrations - Click HERE

Photographing in the dark parts of rainforests is one of the most difficult tasks I faced during my travels. With so little ambient light, capturing a natural image can be quite a challenge.